katipo design is a Dunedin-based Architectural Design Firm specialising in Residential Buildings on difficult sites with amazing views.

    Videotech Hire

    Videotech Party equipment hire shop.

    The client had bought an old 1980's warehouse, with a very bland front facade.  Our brief was to enhance the street-frontage, at the same time providing a covered loading dock for trucks and trailers.  The budget was fairly limited.

    One of the big ticket items the client rents is bouncy castles, so we started playing around with a castle theme.  The client also rents out jukeboxes, so we also tried a curvy 50's jukebox aesthetic.  Both these ideas needed to be sketched and tested, even though we really knew they wouldn't fly.

    The purpose of playing around with these two themes was to uncover the variables on the project, and then impose some tighter rules on the design, particularly around the budget, but also around the State Highway 1 location.

    The resulting design is exciting and fun, the Client can be proud of his new premise, and customers will love the look.