katipo design is a Dunedin-based Architectural Design Firm specialising in Residential Buildings on difficult sites with amazing views.

New Homes

New modern homes are where our real passions lie. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations by designing a home which enhances your living by being warm, sunny, quiet, and with a good connection to the outdoors.  Not only is a well designed home better to live in, but resale value is higher, running costs are lower, and you will be happier.

We have seen too many examples of poorly designed homes which are hard to sell, and disapointing to live in.  If you are spending the most money you'll ever spend in your entire life, we urge you to spend the time on the design - it is good design which makes your home stand out from the rest, good design which lets the sun and views into the home, good design which keeps the adults areas private from the kids - etc.