katipo design is a Dunedin-based Architectural Design Firm specialising in Residential Buildings on difficult sites with amazing views.

Marion Street Stage 2


Well we have now finished - as of last week, the carpet was down, and we Martha and I attahced the final door handle at 9Pm sunday night.

We have learnt a huge amount about renovations, and are happy to share our knowledge.


Our director, Mat Caird, is doing renovations on his own home.

2 additional bedrooms, a bathroom, toilet and laundry comprise stage 2 of the project.  ETA in time for Christmas 2010.

Follow the progress here in this gallery;

Well, we are now very close to finishing.  Just need the electrician to fit off the snoke alams, and the plumber to fit off the shower.

If you want to know how much it cost, just email me at mat@katipodesign.co.nz


And if you're worried about how shabby my home looks, first check out the rooms we have finished by clicking this link;

You wouldn't believe it is the same house...but I assure you,  this is a staged project as funds permit.